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breaking news is in san francisco where a wild pursuit that began at the end of the bay bridge has ended in a crash on city streets with several injured and cars damaged. terry mcsweeney is live at 17th and south van ness with more. >> reporter: 17th and south van ness is going to be busy shortly and there is no light working now because in ended with the vehicle being chased crashing into a signal box, knocking out power to the light. it began about 2:00 this morning, 4th street exit off the bay bridge. chp noticed the vehicle speeding, weavivo;c$ almost hitting construction workers. the vehicle hit a parked vehicle which hit a person on a bike. that person is injured and you can see the damage to the car and the extensive damage to the bicycle. the rider of the bike is in
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the hospital with unknown injuries that vehicle that was being chased actually was described as going the wrong way down 15th street. now look at what it looked like a short time ago. the crash that ended this all, the vehicle a jeep cherokee, going into a signal box, knocking out power here. according to the chp, the driver of that vehicle has been arrested for due -- for dui, hit-and-run, evading a police pursuit. we are told the person who wases arrested has a history of -- who was arrested has a history of dui arrests. the driver of the bike is in the hospital. the driver of the vehicle trying to evade chp and san francisco police officers also in the hospital with injuries unknown. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. more breaking news in
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san francisco. firefighters have been on the scene of a two alarm fire near the dubose triangle neighborhood at an apartment building between 15th and henry 2:00 this morning. three units were destroyed, everyone got out okay no word on a cause. weather-wise things are looking calm. might notice more clouds. >> just a continue any bit chillier than it was yesterday morning. we start with live doppler, good morning, not picking up radar returns, going to be quiet this morning for your morning commute, not tomorrow morning. see a few clouds starting to increase that will be the case through today, increasing clouds and with a sea breeze developing not going to be as warm as yesterday, more 60s than 70s, low 60s at the coast, mid to upper 60s around the bay and inland. rain, stray shower possible this afternoon the bulk is
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going to come in tonight and tomorrow, we'll map that tame frame fought in a second. good -- good morning, one accident, 80 westbound pomona blocking left lane, otherwise just roadwork dumbarton both directions until 5:00 this morning, a little slowing across the span from the east bay towards menlo park. 880 southbound alameda on-ramp closed to roadwork that will be picked up later this morning. 880 embarcadero both directs roadwork until 6:00 this morning through oakland. 4:30 three. developing news in antioch. police are searching -- searching for clues in a murder mystery man found shot to death in an apartment with what appears to be an improvised explosive device nearby. >> reporter: police need help with this one. no arrests have been made
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that's part of a trend that has been happening here in antioch. they got the call about 9:15 last night that there had been a shooting inside an apartment. they found a man who had been killed in the apartment, then they called out the bomb squad, because they found a device that looked like an improvised explosive. the bomb squad did term -- did determine it was not, they did not say what the device was. the murder victim was 32-year-old man found shot to death inside the apartment on sycamore drive. this comes as the crime rate continues to climb here in antioch crime is up 44% for the first nine months of 2012, the number of arrests decreasing. no arrests have been made in last night's shooting. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. in the east bay, body of a
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young man was found in the berkeley hills not far from the uc campus discovered last night 250 feet down a hill, near clermont avenue, just north of campus. police say the victim appears to be in his 20s. they think he fell since there are no obvious signs of foul play. earlier police received a call about a missing person not sure if the cases are connected. haz-mat crews trying to determine what type of chemicals spilled inside a a cheese plan last night. three haz-mat teams showed up because they did not know what they were dealing with. they think it was either hydrochloric acid or lye. eight employs were evacuated, they are all fine. mark leno is holding a hearing in san francisco about california refineries and impact on the price we pay for gas. according to the sacramento bee, a report will be released
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that will show during recent spikes the refineries continued to produce gas despite claims of shortage and equipment failures in may shell was down one week for maintenance when it had been scheduled for two weeks, richmond refinely never ceased operations over two weeks of maintenance drive paying paying 50 cents a gallon more than the rest of the. crews will be out in daly city shoring up an unstable hillside before rain hits the bay area. rain is in the forecast causing a concern that more of the hillside will come down. a plan for permanent repairs is not expected until after the rain has arrived. officials still don't know why that pipe ruptured but suspect age was a factor.
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>> age is always fake for. time to check the weather. >> whatever do you mean by that rick? >> i mean exactly what you think i mean. >> our young man meteorologist mike nicco looking at when that rain will arrive. >> a little wet behind the ears literally, later. good morning. clouds up across the north bay on live doppler, we have fog mile visibility the rest of us are doing okay for the morning commute. 30s, 39 in fairfield, everybody else in the 40s to mid 50s, all over the place once again with the clouds coming in, especially north bay, may not get cooler over the next couple of hours. we are off to a dry start, high clouds streaming in now, 40s inland, mid 40s along the coast to low 50s around the bay, by noon clouds increasing multi-players of clouds, upper
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50s to low 60s mild during lunch, low 60s at our beaches at 4:00. clouds will increase and by 7:00, a stray shower is possible most of us will be dry with upper 50s. better chance of rain is in tomorrow's forecast, showers for saturday that will linger into sunday morning, temperatures will drop a couple of degrees each and everyday. hello. nice drive heading into san francisco on the bay bridge, first look at the toll, everything is light, no problem, headlights headed towards the tolls, no m whether and no problems upper deck. -- nice traffic san mateo bridge towards foster city just a few brake lights towards the highrise no problems westbound, no problems eastbound out of antioch looking good towards concord less than 15 minutes
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towards 242 on highway 4, out of the central valley everything at the limit, less than 15 minutes up and over the dublin pleasanton area. the man charged in the colorado theater massacre was supposed to be in court today. he's in the hospital. we'll tell you why. better news for college grads especially with certain degrees why they may be
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here's a look from sutro tower looking back to the east clear, no need to worry about rain now we have a renegade shower or two possible this afternoon and a lot of wet weather friday, saturday, sunday. more news from kristen. 4:41. the man charged in the colorado movie theater massacre has managed to keep himself out of the courtroom this morning.
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he was taken to a hospital tuesday. holmes tried to hurt himself by ramming his head repeatedly into the wall of his jail cell. he was released from the hospital taken back to his cell. the judge granted a continue once in the case. holmes is accused of killing 12 people, wounding 58 during a screening of the newest batman film in july. holmes has not yet entered a plea. justice department expected to announce a plea with bp oil. the 2010 explosion of a british oil rig in the gulf coast killed 11 and led to that massive spill. if the plea holds, bp will add night negligence and failures leading up to the spill and pay fines totalling billions it could be a record fine some estimates put it between 5 and 20 billion dollars. better prospects if you have a child about to graduate from college. new survey predicts employers will increase hiring of college grads in the coming year.
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demand for four year degree graduates should go up 5%, hiring people with two year degrees, 30%. the jobs for mba's will drop employers are unwilling to pay their higher salaries. hiring may improve further if congress and the white house avoid that looming fiscal cliff. sunny dale woman alive, thanks to her quick thinking daughter. the training her teen put into action. another blow to lance armstrong's reputation.
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welcome back. 4:46. here's a look at our radar, showers off the shore around san diego otherwise dry today
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and it will be until we get into the latter parts of the afternoon where a stray shower is possible south of the monterey bay and around san diego, temperatures in the 60s around san diego, big sur, chico to eureka at 60. 54 tahoe increasing clouds, low to mid 70s through the central valley to los angeles, 80 in palm springs. on capitol hill lawmakers continue their meeting today with top fbi and cia officials over what led to the resignation of former cia director david petraeus. he resigned last week after admitting to an extramarital affair. that affair was discovered during an fbi investigation of harassing e-mails allegedly sent by broadwell to jill kelley. law enforcement official says broadwell sent e-mails to senior military officials in an attempt to undermine kelley
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who she saw as a romantic viral. -- romantic rival. president obama heads to new york today to tour superstorm sandy damage. the president will meet with local officials, first responders, fema staff and families recovering from the storm that hit two weeks ago. he was in new jersey before the election last week parts of and new jersey are still without power. registered sex offender caught volunteering at a south bay catholic school. it is illegal for a sex offender to be on school grounds he claims he had permission from the church. leslie brinkley has details. >> reporter: 51-year-old
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worked as a volunteer at the catholic school festival last month. they say someone recognized him as a sex offender and notified a santa clara county deputy onsite. he wasn't arrested because he had a letter with written permission from a church official to be there. he is a registered sex offender who reached a plea with the d.a. for molesting a young relative, more than a decade ago. he was at the school festival working the sound system with little to no supervision, with hundreds of kindergarten through 8th grade students in attendance. the pastor at st. francis and the diocese of san jose told the newspaper they had no information on the source of the letter, granting him permission to be on school property. that begs question is the letter valid? who if anyone in the church wrote that letter?
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those are the things that are still under investigation by the sheriff's department. leslie brinkley, abc7 news. a woman is alive this morning thanks to the quick thinking of her daughter who performed cpr which her parents didn't know she knew how to do. he found his wife passed out sunday afternoon he called his daughter who came running to her mother's side she only had one cpr lesson two years ago knew what to do and started doing cpr by herself until help arrived. her mother's brain did not have oxygen for 30 minutes doctors say early cpr was why it cal it not only saved her -- was critical, it saved her. >> she is here and smiling at me and tells me she loves me, i just wanted to hear her voice. >> she saved my life. i love her. >> licensee has been sleeping
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on a hospital room chair since her -- mom was admitted the family should be able to go home soon. quarterback alex smith says he's getting better following the concussion he suffered. he passed tests monday, then allowed to flow passes and do a noncontact workout yesterday. it looks as though he will be okay to start monday night against the bears assuming there is no recurrence of the blurred vision he had. the next step would be for doctors to clear smith for regular practice which could happen today. he threw a touch down pass with that blurred vision. >> even if he plays next monday all the fans will be nervous. >> the bears' quarterback cutler is still out with a concussion. let's turn to the weather. the day of change you have been talking about. >> yep. let's show what is going on. 4:51, clear now as we look southeast, you can see a plane over the bay bridge in the distance. live doppler 7 hd with the
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lack of clouds, no radar returns, just dry air picked up by live doppler 7 hd and doppler over mount omnium, tomorrow they will have their work cut out for them. enjoy today's commute. 30 fine fairfield, up to 55 -- 35 fairfield up to 55 in fremont, 40s mid to upper 40s monterey bay inland extremes gilroy 38 salinas, 56. increasing clouds this afternoon, rainy periods tomorrow, saturday and sunday still unsettled next week just how far south is that rain going to get next week? will it come south of the golden gate bridge or stay mainly in the north bay, something that will have to be unfolded as we get closer to next week. today you can see increasing clouds and temperatures mild still mid to upper 60s around the bay and inland low 60s at
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the coast, head down to the monterey bay best chance of seeing a renegade storm around here and south, mid to upper 60s possibly 70 into hollister, rain starting to develop overnight, wet roads will be awaiting you tomorrow, won't be as chilly with temperatures in the mid 40s inland to mid 50s around the bay couple areas of high pressure still holding on to our weather, you can see how the includes are working around it, this cloud deck here starting to punch through that area of high pressure low starting to gather steam and head our way tomorrow. here we are at 7:00 this morning, you can see the increase in clouds through 5:00, renegade shower possible higher elevations to our south scattered rain through the overnight hours waves of rain through lunch, all the way through the evening hours and then more steady rain saturday morning and then saturday night you can see another batch of heavier showers move
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in rainfall amounts best up in the mountains 1 1/2 to maybe two inches there, about a quarter to half inch for the rest of us, good soaking rain on the way. here's the rest of the forecast, you can see shower chances are best sunday morning and then our best chance of showers monday and tuesday right now look to be up near the north bay now to live shot of the east shore freeway, if your commute takes you past golden gate fields and university avenue into the macarthur maze, it is light, you can see traffic is moving at the limit into the maze area san rafael southbound 101 past lucas valley road and freitas parkway on to north san pedro and lincoln moving at the limit no problems, golden gate bridge light, northbound a been of police activity traveling in the -- a bunch of police activity northbound. southbound good down to two lanes southbound with roadwork on the north part of the span should be picked up shortly,
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four lanes southbound. dumbarton roadwork, until 5:00 in the process of picking that up now. southbound 880 alameda on-ramp closed to the alameda because of an emergency repair ongoing through the morning. in the american canyon area high 29 south kelley injury accident. 4:54. cancer foundation created by lance armstrong is putting more distance between itself and the graced cyclist. livestrong is officially depositing his name from its title it will now officially be known as livestrong simply the informal name most used. armstrong created the charity after he came down with cancer he stepped away last month after officials ruled he used performance-enhancing drugs.
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peninsula family pleading for the return of a puppy that was a close companion for a woman with special needs. thieves broke into the family's redwood city home monday and stole what they could including the family's 11 week old dog named gus. 20-year-old kate was bonding with the puppy the family hoped to train gus to alert caregivers when kate is -- when kate is on the verge of suffering a see sherr. >> she can't speak that well. >> we are taking it seriously assuming somebody saugus and thought he was valuable to sell or keep. >> the family is offering a -- reward and posting fliers and turning to social media for help. a group of nudists taking san francisco to court over measure banning public nudity they rallied outside the courthouse yesterday the suit is asking for a temporary restraining order against the
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measure if the board of supervisors approve i. the board is set to take the measure up next tuesday. opponents say being naked in public is protected political speech. add the ferry building being blue, a beacon of support for world diabetes day, landmarks and cities across the world, including the empire state building are lit up. soda gets a lot of blame for our nation's obesity problem. new study shows booze is just as bad. cdc found adults get almost as many empty calories from alchohol as from soft tkeupblgss. on an average day 1/3 of men and 1/5 of women consume calories from alcohol men drink 150 calories a day,
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women 50 from alcohol. next, popular energy drink that may be linked to the deaths of 13 people. what you need to know before you pick one up. >> can a little extra holiday money come in handy now? >> yes. >> michael finney will have tips on turning that ring or bracelet you don't wear any more, into cash. ♪
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